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Nintendo DS is the console that generates more nostalgia among gamers according to a survey

Nintendo DS It is the most successful portable console of the Japanese company to the point that to this day no other system has managed to snatch its position as the second best-selling console in history. The double screen, as well as its compact design, the inclusion of the touch pen for the lower screen or its infinite and varied catalog of games were factors that greatly influenced the popularity of DS, which to this day is still a very much loved by the gaming community. So much so that a recent survey by Hyperoptic (goes Nintendo Life) has reported that Gamers would want a modern comeback of DS and that it is the console that generates the most nostalgia.

“What would be your preference when it comes to seeing the modern return of a classic console?” This question was asked of a total of 1000 UK players in a recent Hyperoptic study that sought to determine what is the console that has a greater nostalgic value among gamers. The Nintendo laptop leads the results with 61% of the votes, followed by Sony’s first PlayStation with 60.6% and PlayStation 2, the best-selling home market console in history, in third place with 57.9%. On the other hand, in fourth place we find Sega Mega Drive very followed by Nintendo Game Boy.

Classic console reviews and game remakes

It is curious to see some consoles like the original PlayStation or Sega Mega Drive considering that both received in recent years a thumbnail review, although it should be noted that PlayStation Classic was considerably worse received than Mega Drive Mini for including few titles among other aspects. On the other hand, we are not surprised to see PlayStation 2 on the list given the popularity of the console and the number of fans it continues to have today, while if you are in the group of Game Boy nostalgists you could be in luck now. that some games from your catalog may appear in the Switch Online Expansion Pack.

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In addition to the console that would deserve a modern comeback in style, the survey also asked gamers to choose a classic title that would deserve a remake modern. Curiously, Sonic the Hedgehog original Sega Mega Drive is the first on the list with a astonishing 38% of votes, while Super Mario Kart 64 ranks second with 33.4% and other timeless classics like Space Invaders O Tetris they occupy the third and fourth place with 28.3% and 25.8% respectively.

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