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Netflix could be suspended in Russia for its LGBTQ + content | LevelUp

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Netflix is ​​a streaming platform for series and movies that has been promoting inclusion for many years. One of the ways in which it has done it has been with the inclusion of LGBTQ + characters in several of its productions. Unfortunately, the above could cause problems for you in Russia, since it could cause it to be prohibited in this country by its laws.

According to information from Reuters (via Tomatoes), Olga Baranets, a Russian commissioner, filed a complaint against Netflix at the Interior Ministry. This is because he believes that the company broke the 2013 law that prohibits “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors under 18 years of age. This by presenting LGBTQ + topics under the label of content suitable for over 16 years.

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In the event Netflix is ​​found guilty, then it will be fined approximately $ 13,000 USD. As part of the punishment, the service also runs the risk of being suspended on Russian territory, in addition to which it will surely also have to modify the classification of its content.

It is worth mentioning that, at the moment, it is unknown what was the Netflix content that caused this complaint. The company has not commented on this report.

Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda law” has been widely criticized in various parts of the world. The foregoing since it is considered as legislation that violates the right to free expression and that discriminates against people of sexual diversity with various prejudices.

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Unfortunately, this law is not the worst way in which the Russian government attacks the LGBT community. Different documentaries and reports have documented that in this country there is a persecution against LGBTQ + individuals.

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