Monday, December 5

MercurySteam and 505 Games Collaborate on Cross-Platform Dark Fantasy Action RPG

The Spanish study MercurySteam is already working on his next project after the successful launch of Metroid Dread. On this occasion, the developer will bet on a new approach to dark fantasy, as reported by Digital Bros, parent company of the Italian publisher 505 Games, to edit this project. The press release shared by the user MauroNL en Twitter explains that MercurySteam and 505 Games have reached a collaboration agreement to co-publish and develop this project with the aim of launching it in PC and consoles.

A new third-person dark fantasy RPG franchise

Few details are yet known about this development, although we already know that its code name is ‘Project Iron’ and that will have a camera in third person. Being an RPG set in a world of dark fantasy that, as we said before, points to a multiplatform launch. Also, in the Press release we can read that Digital Bros has invested 27 million euros in the initial phase of this development. It is a new shared property IP between the publisher and the developer.

We are very excited to be working with the MercurySteam team, an experienced studio that over the years has created several phenomenal IPs, including the recent successful launch of Metroid Dread in collaboration with Nintendo “, they explain Raffi and Rami Galante, co-chairs of the Digital Bros group. “With the talent and creative vision of MercurySteam and the vast experience of 505 Games, gamers can expect a high-quality, engaging and engaging video game.”

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