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Love! Couple marries and visits Arcades room where they met | LevelUp

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Every fan of video games has experiences and anecdotes that remain in their minds and hearts, as this passion is also shared. Although now this type of relationship takes place on online platforms, there are those who experienced other forms of interaction when the Arcade rooms were experiencing some of their best moments and an example of this is what happened with a Chilean couple who found love in a gaming enclosure like these.

A love story was born in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

According to information from Tarreo, a love story and video games took place in an Arcade room in Santiago de Chile where 2 players met by sharing a taste for Konami’s dance game, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. The place? A branch of Entertainments Diana that once again gained relevance for these players because not only did they share a taste for the game of dance, but from there a relationship was born and they ended up married.

The curious thing in this case is that after celebrating the civil marriage, the couple went to the Arcade room to remember the place and the game that led them to meet, a gesture that was thanked by the owners of the place, who congratulated the couple and they wished them well.

Although the glory days of the Arcades are long gone, it is common to find these types of rooms in Latin American countries with young people who find this form of entertainment attractive and who feel happy in a place full of slot machines and fun. Precisely, these dance games became very popular in the region at a time when the Arcades had already died after the fall of the fighting genre and this type of proposals kept these places alive.

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Congratulations to the couple!

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