Monday, August 8

Karak, a changing labyrinth in the new 2Tomatoes • Console and Dashboard

Karak It will be a reality in Spanish on December 3. This novelty from 2Tomatoes will take us through a labyrinth, changing with each game. The monsters will not miss the appointment.


Whoever gathers the most treasures will be the winner of the game and, ultimately, the true champion. This is how 2Tomatoes defines the goal in Karak, competition between 2 and 5 players, 45 minutes long.

Indicated from the age of 7, she has Roman Hladík and Petr Mikša as authors. Illustrations are the responsibility of the first. It will hit stores on December 3, in its Spanish edition, at a price of 35 euros.


This title drags us into a fantasy world. Specifically, even inside a labyrinth, in the skin of one of the six available characters. The appearance of the maze will be discovered piece by piece, which will shape different scenarios in each encounter.

What will not be lacking in all of them will be the confrontations against monsters, which will require good weapons and effective spells. Thus, the equipment will be key when collecting treasures. It will be saved on the character card, where the lives will also be indicated.

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