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Halo Infinite will give you more XP to end progression problems | LevelUp

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The multiplayer of Halo Infinite it was very well received by the players; however, it is a fact that there are things to improve. One of them is vital, as it is the progression system that allows the community to unlock rewards and stay hooked on games.

In the face of constant criticism, 343 Industries made some adjustments to the system and gave compensation to the players. Despite this, the optimizations weren’t enough, so the studio is working on other improvements that will be late in coming.

Fortunately, the company found a way to speed things up a bit and make players feel that their gaming experience is fair in terms of progression. So that, Halo Infinite will give additional experience in a certain number of games per day.

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Halo Infinite improve your progression with an experience boost

343 Industries wants gamers to feel that their time is worth investing in Halo Infinite, so now they will be rewarded with more experience. Previously, this element was achieved through challenges and later a challenge was launched to play a game to receive very little experience.

The company will now reward players with additional experience who will be able to win in their first 6 games of each day. In this way the progression will be more dynamic and players will feel that they are advancing to get those rewards they want so much.

John Junyszek, Community Manager for Halo, reported that this change was made from the comments that players made from the first adjustments to the progression system.

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Thanks to this, the entire community will receive a bonus of 300 XP in their first game. This amount will be reduced with each game until reaching 50 XP from game 7 and beyond. Junyszek stated that this change is just a small adjustment and that other more important optimizations will follow, so he asked players to be patient.

“We know that many of you want even bigger changes and we are committed to doing so, but that will take time. We made this update based on player feedback and data, and we will monitor its impact, ”concluded the 343i member.

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Halo Infinite It will debut on December 8 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. Look at this link for all the news related to the new delivery.

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