Monday, November 28

GTA the Trilogy releases update to correct 117 bugs

They have been released for almost three weeks Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a compilation with three of the most important installments in the history of the GTA saga that had in a cloud of hype fans and that, finally, has become en a small torment for Rockstar due to the multitude of flaws in this particular crossover midway between remastering and remake.

There have been so many bugs that Rockstar itself apologized a few days ago and has taken out during the last weeks andmultiple patches to fix bugs on a small or large scale and gradually improve the experience of the players of the definitive editions of GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

Without going any further today the patch 1.03, an update that fixes a total of 117 bugs or failures of all kinds scattered throughout the three games and that also adds what in English is called “cloud cover“, that is to say, a uniform layer of clouds that many of you will have seen when exceeding a certain altitude if you have traveled by plane and that is now present in GTA San Adreas for those who fly at high altitude.

Far, still, from being a definitive edition

Rockstar’s idea of ​​launching GTA The Trilogy was good, but nevertheless, as you we count in our analysis, “she stayed far from being that definitive version we expected of three very important classics that forever redefined action and open world games. You can tell that there has been an effort to improve and update them, but what has reached digital stores is an unfinished and full of problems product that has come out of the oven long before its time and that is in urgent need of a good number of patches in all their versions“something Rockstar seems to be doing urgently to keep fans happy.

If you are visiting for the first time GTA San Andreas or revisiting it after not playing it in a long time, remember that you have our guide here.

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