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Disney + censors The Simpsons for its broadcast in Hong Kong | LevelUp

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Although the Asian market, especially the Chinese, is the most coveted for its business potential, it is known in advance that you have to deal with government restrictions in terms of content and currently this has become a real nightmare, even for companies in that country. Of course, here it applies what is always Hong Kong, a special administrative region, but even there you have to be careful, as has happened with the Disney + service.

Disney + censorship The Simpson to avoid problems with the Chinese government

According to various reports, the arrival of Disney + in a special version of the service for Hong Kong has given rise to talk due to the censorship that Disney has applied to avoid problems with the Chinese government. In this sense, it is pointed out that the first series to see something like this is that of The Simpson Well, one of its episodes is not available in that market, at least not natively because through VPN it is possible.

The episode that could enrage the government of China

An episode of The Simpson has satire from the Chinese authorities

The episode in question is Goo Goo Gai Pain, from Season 12, in which Selma’s attempt to be a mother takes the whole family to China pretending that Homer is her husband and thus being able to adopt. This episode has different references and satire regarding the government of China today and in its history as the People’s Republic of China. Hence, the reason for the censorship is understood because Disney does not want problems with the authorities of that country, even in the case of Hong Kong.

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For years, the Chinese government has hardened its content review process, which must pass the approval of the authorities in order to be published and distributed in that country. However, this is not limited to foreign companies, as local companies are suffering the attacks of the authorities as in the case of the video game industry where there are time and spending limits for minors, which has led to some companies to think in the West in the future.

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