Sunday, December 4

Capcom Arcade Stadium has a surprising and inexplicable spike in players on Steam

Capcom Arcade Stadium, the complete collection of classic games from the Japanese company that includes a multitude of new functions to improve the original experience, has a surprising player spike on Steam. As we can see on SteamDB (goes Aroged), Capcom’s retro collection features more than 400,000 simultaneous players, a very striking figure considering that since its launch on May 25, 2021 it has never garnered so many users. It is true that certain titles can be accessed for free, although it is still not a compelling explanation because recently more than 30 players had registered.

On top of PUBG, Apex Legends or GTA V

He is currently in the third place in the ranking of the most played games on Steam only surpassed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, although it is surprising that he is above other titans like PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends O Grand Theft Auto V. As we have highlighted, the reasons for this surprising spike in concurrent players are completely unknown; the game barely has a 25% discount on Steam in its packs and there is no streamer relevant on Twitch who is broadcasting the title and who has invited their viewers to prove it. Quite a mystery, although the fact that the gaming community is so committed to retro is very good news.

Capcom Arcade Stadium It is a very careful collection of classics, full of options to rediscover them in the way that we like the most. It has some important shortcomings, such as the absence of big names on the list or extras to review such a rich and extensive history, as well as exclusively local multiplayer, but otherwise is a very good compilation of the history of Capsule Computer in arcades“We highlighted in our analysis if you want to buy the title in this wave of popularity.

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