Thursday, December 8

Board games reach the Ministry of Culture • Console and Board

The Ministry of Culture and Sports received, a few days ago, a visit from HISPA. The Spanish Association of Table Game Publishers claimed the importance of the sector, in its fight for the recognition of the table game as a culture.


During the meeting, held on November 23, editors Pak Gallego and Santi Santisteban presented their proposals at the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The recognition of the board game as a cultural element was the main demand, but not the only one.

With it, the application of a cultural VAT would come to board games. Also, a specific intellectual property protection and legal tools against plagiarism, in addition to the inclusion of board games in the cultural bonus.

The Association defended an institutional recognition, with its aid for the outsourcing of the sector and to increase the Spanish presence in international events and fairs. The aid is also necessary for the export and import of products, as the publishers point out.

Among the issues raised, appears the promotion of new events and financing for the creation of prizes. At the moment, it has been achieved that the sector is taken into account in the cultural bonus, for now in the process of writing. The Ministry does not guarantee inclusion, but it will be studied.

To give it a boost, a social media campaign has been organized. It consists of posting messages with the hashtags #eljuegoescultura and #eljuegodemesaescultura the days December 2 and 3. Mentioning the culture Ministry and to the minister Miquel Iceta, the campaign would be more effective.

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This visit has not been HISPA’s only struggle. This same summer, the Association defended the sector against Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumption. It will be soon, on a date yet to be revealed, when he will do the same before the Ministry of Education.

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