Sunday, December 4

Big Brain Academy prepares its launch with a new trailer • Console and Dashboard

On December 3, Big Brain Academy: Battle of Wits will launch on Nintendo Switch. A few days after its premiere, Nintendo publishes a new video that collects some of the challenges that we will run into.


Exercise the mind with friends and family. It is the mission that this title proposes, in which to demonstrate “who has the most vigorous brain.” We will participate in five categories, testing analysis, acuity, perception, calculation and memory. By dominating each of them, we will get the best score.

We can face up to three students at the same time or even participate in ghostly battles against players from all over the world, regardless of whether we are playing simultaneously. Among the challenges, we will find cube counting, locating a certain piece or removing blocks.

This proposal already has a free trial version. It consists of a small selection of challenges, to be enjoyed alone or in local multiplayer.

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