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Will Chrono Cross return? Another clue about possible remaster emerges | LevelUp

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For a few weeks there have been rumors and reports about the return of Chrono Cross, one of the mythical and most important JRPG of the first PlayStation. Square Enix has been silent about this possible launch, but there are more and more clues to believe that it is real.

The title is said to return with a cross-platform remaster that could be revealed before the end of this year, likely at The Game Awards 2021. Despite nothing being confirmed, fans are excited for a new hint about the possible relaunch.

Everything is due to a supposed collaboration that will have Another Eden, a mobile game that would receive content from Chrono Cross. As you can imagine, this once again sparked theories about an upcoming remaster.

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Mobile game rekindles rumors about remaster of Chrono Cross

Part of the community of Another Eden claims that a great collaboration is on the way. According to the details, several files were discovered regarding the future content that will make it to the mobile title.

The interesting thing is that the names of certain files make it clear that there will be content related to Chrono Cross. The crossover would be related to parallel worlds, so several characters from the JRPG would appear in Another Eden.

For now it is mentioned that we would see Lucca, Serge, Kid and Harle in the game for mobile devices. The community is excited because they believe that the files should not be there, as they are a clear sign of the return of Chrono Cross.

It is important to mention that the informant says that for now nothing is official, but that it is unlikely that the content is not real due to the amount of information that was found. However, just because the collaboration comes true doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a remaster of Chrono Cross.

Despite this, the community finds it very rare that the franchise is reactivated with this crossover just when there are rumors about its return and its relaunch on multiple modern systems. We will have to wait to find out more about it.

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