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Valve is not creating Half-Life 3 because it is focused on games for Steam Deck

Ni Half-Life 3 ni Half-Life 2: Episodio 3. Valve, at the moment, is not interested in continuing the Gordon Freeman story in a shooter traditional for keyboard and mouse. According to information published by Tyler McVicker de Valve News Network (va VGC), Gabe Newell’s studio is working on titles that take advantage of the capabilities of Steam Deck, the laptop that the company will launch in February 2022.

Who have played Half-Life: Alyx (without gutting of any kind) they stayed with the hope of seeing another game in the saga soon, whether it be virtual or traditional reality. However, just as Alyx was done in part to demonstrate the capabilities of the brand’s VR headset, the Valve Index, the study is focused on various titles for Steam Deck, including the rumored Citadel.

“The point is that no, at this moment, there is no major development team to work on nothing outside of the few pieces of software specifically tailored to hardware at the moment, “says McVicker.” Valve is trying to release the Steam Deck and, as many people have observed, Steam Deck has been much more successful than originally anticipated, so Valve is pulling a lot on it“.

The insider points out that in case a Half-Life traditional, is in the hands of a “very small group of people” that is not being valued by the company’s managers. They are centered on a “software that shows what Steam Deck is capable of”.

That program is Citadel, which McVicker describes thus: “A festival of nostalgia, a mixture of Perseon first-person shooter and co-op real-time strategy based on Half-Life. “Something like a combination of Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, Alien Swarm and the genre of RTS.

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Steam Deck – A PC / Console Capable of Running Recent AAA

The Steam Deck features optical touch panels that, like those on the Steam Controller, can be used to effectively control strategy games. The device will launch alongside a new version of SteamOS and promises to be able to run any current AAA titles. Furthermore, as it is a computer, any operating system can be installed on it. It was originally planned for December 2021, but has been delayed until February due to a lack of semiconductors. It costs between 419 and 679 depending on the model.

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