Friday, December 2

Turn Skyrim into Borderlands with these mods

However, without the millions of weapons.

If there’s a feature you wanted to see included in Skyrim, there’s probably already a mod for it, even if you wanted it to look like a cell shadow game with tons of weapons and terrible humor. You’ll have to apply a bunch of them, but yes, you can make Skyrim look like Borderlands thanks to mods.

As seen by PCGamesN, if you head over to Nexus Mods, creator Kanjs has put together a series of mods that will give Tamriel the Gearbox looter-shooter art style, or at least something close enough. The list includes mods for armor, architecture, characters, creatures, weapons, and much more. You’ll have to apply them all if you want the full Borderlands treatment, but the creator says more will be added soon after a bit of polishing. And yes, they will also work with Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition.

Speaking of mods for really old games, a modder has created a single player experience for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory as a mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. William Faure created a story-driven campaign linking the Enemy Territory maps. A cooperative campaign will also be introduced at the end of November.

However, the emerging story in the modding community is GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition. Dissatisfied with the work done by Rockstar, the modders have taken it upon themselves to fix it. A dedicated Nexus Mods page for the collection is now available with over 170 mods. It includes modifications for the terrible rain animation that almost makes the game unplayable, songs from the original releases missing, improvements for various character models, textures, and much more.

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Rockstar has addressed the many complaints about the quality of the Definitive Edition and has even apologized for disappointing fans. Updates with fixes have been released, but many of the things mentioned in the patch notes have not been addressed.

However, considering Take-Two’s stance on fan projects, it won’t be surprising to see these modders receive DMCA takedown notices. The publisher has closed several fan projects, but some of them are taking on Take-Two and refusing to withdraw their work.

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