Tuesday, August 16

Transient: Extended Edition coming to consoles in December • Console and Dashboard

December 8 is the day chosen by Iceberg Interactive and Stormling Studios to release Transient: Extended Edition on consoles. Specifically, on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


The developers of Conarium and from the series Darkness Within they give life to a cyberpunk adventure, which takes as a reference the world devised by Lovecraft. Under the title of Extended Edition a version with additional gameplay, a new ending and with various improvements is presented.

The resolution is 4K, while it is compatible with HDR. The additions are completed with additional achievements and a multiple save system. Those who already have the PC version will get it for free, by download.

As recalled in its launch trailer, we will move to a post-apocalyptic future, where what remains of humanity struggles to survive in a closed citadel, facing the dangers from outside. It will be time to discover what is happening to us, solving puzzles, hacking systems and exploring other dimensions. The truth, unfortunately, will be able to destroy our sanity and question our own existence.


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