Sunday, December 4

This would be PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim: An artist imagines the design of the next Sony consoles

PS5 has just celebrated its first year on the market, although it is quite difficult to get hold of one, and it is inevitable to already think about the future of Sony’s new generation console: we will see aesthetic revisions of the hardware? Will a more powerful version be released in the style of PS4 Pro? Looking back it is easy to think that both scenarios will end up happening sooner or later, something that has inspired a 3D artist to imagine what will PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim look like.

The artist Jermaine Smit through LetsGoDigital has created three-dimensional models of supposed PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim imagining what both would be new generation console reviews. As you can see in the video inserted under these lines, Smit has reinterpreted the more powerful version of the console betting on a line that is even softer than the standard PS5, a rounded shape that even reminds us of the original PS3. PS5 Slim, on the other hand, is a much smaller version, almost as if it were the result of a horizontal gash to the current PS5 model.

Both versions follow the line of the peculiar curved design of PS5 and maintain some details such as the LED strips that accompany the console and indicate the state in which it is (off, idle …). In addition, the artist has decided to imagine what the consoles would be like, not only in white, the only model currently on sale, but also also in black; precisely not long ago a patent was unveiled that could indicate the arrival of official cases for PS5 in the future.

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But … will there really be a PS5 Pro?

These PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim designs unofficial They make us think about the probability of seeing these revisions in the future. From LetsGoDigital, medium for which the conceptual models have been created, speak of certain rumors that point to a possible launch of a revision in 2023 2024, although at the moment there is nothing confirmed. Yes, Sony already dropped at the time that will repeat the play of PS4 Pro releasing an updated and improved version of the console in the middle of its life cycle.

Below these lines you can see a guys with more images of the unofficial PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim concept.

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