Wednesday, December 7

Street Fighter 5 shows a new gameplay focused on Luke’s abilities

Street Fighter V It has been a project with some ups and downs since its launch, something confessed by its own creators, although it has improved its reputation over the years with the incorporation of new fighters to the squad. Capcom has shared through its YouTube channel a new look at Luke’s gameplay, the last character to be incorporated into the title and to appear in the future Street Fighter VI about which we will know more from next year. This is not the first time we have seen Luke in action, although the new gameplay focuses on the unique abilities that this fighter offers as the speed of his blows and inordinate force.

Among other aspects that we will go on to detail below, it seems that Luke has enchanted fans with the charisma that he manages to give off in just a few seconds of his presentation. Luke’s sassy and cocky attitude is reflected in his fighting style, much faster and with very forceful blows as we have anticipated. Luke’s fighting style is very offensive and has different abilities to take advantage of it: the V-Skill I allows you to land against the enemy fighter a strong punch loaded and the V-Skill II delivers a powerful blow that allows break the opponent’s block, among other special moves.

Street Fighter V ms complete than ever

As expected, Luke will be accompanied by different outfits to customize your look; There are a total of three and we find from the standard outfit for history, to others with a more street style such as the fighting suit with braces and chains or the set with a tracksuit. Capcom further recalls that the character is included in both the Premium Pass and the Character Pass; Street Fighter V It currently has more than 40 characters, 34 phases and more than 200 costumes, quite an outrage considering that one of its launch defects was the lack of content.

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