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Renowned artist will work on the horror game from the creator of Silent Hill | LevelUp

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Following the dissolution of SIE Japan Studio, creative Keiichiro Toyama announced the founding of his own developer, Bokeh Studio, who would be working on an original suspense franchise. As time has passed, Toyama has revealed the members of the company and recently announced that a renowned artist will be participating in the project.

Through a video, Bokeh Studio announced that the character designer Tatsuya Yoshikawa will be part of the game with which the company will debut and will be in charge of the design of the main characters of the horror adventure.

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The head of Bokeh Studio remembers that he met Yoshikawa thanks to a mutual friend and from there their friendship began, as they managed to fit in very well. As for work, they worked for the first time on a collaboration for DLC of Gravity Rush 2.

According to Yoshikawa, TV series and movies influence his style. Although the artist acknowledges that he does not usually create human characters, when he found out about the project, he agreed to participate in it. Regarding the characters, in the video he mentioned that they opted for designs that can be identified throughout the world.

Who is Tatsuya Yoshikawa?

This creative did not plan to work in the video game industry, but an opportunity that arose at Capcom introduced him to it. Shortly after he finished his training, there was a competition to create art for Breath of Fire and he turned out to be in charge of the designs for several games in the series.

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As we mentioned, Yoshikawa is specialized in creating dragon art and not realistic, but it is important to say that his artistic style is not the same as the one he had when he entered Capcom. Yoshikawa has also been involved in other video game projects, such as Devil May Cry, Mega Man and Assassin’s Creed.

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“At first it was all about quantity. They asked us to draw design towers. They once taught me to draw as much as I could in one day,” Yoshikawa recalled. “What triggered the change was Akira Yasuda. He is one of the most iconic artists in the company and the reason my style changed.”

The artist remembers that Yasuda once told him that drawing well was a fact, but asked him if he only wanted to make good drawings or good designs. Since then, Yoshikawa has focused on making better designs and “using his head when drawing”, which helped him convey more meaning and reflect his passions in his drawings, as well as not drawing things he did not want.

Something interesting is that in the video some illustrations were also shared that show how the main characters could be. Then we leave you with the video.

What do you think of Yoshikawa’s art? Are you interested in this project? Tell us in the comments.

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