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Once again Steam broke its record of connected users! | LevelUp

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Steam, Valve’s gaming platform, is the undisputed king of PC gaming worldwide. The clearest proof is that an immense number of people use it every day, resulting in impressive numbers of concurrent users. In fact, it recently surpassed its concurrent user mark.

On the morning of Saturday, November 27, Steam reached the figure of 27 million users connected at the same time. The previous record was set in April, when it had a figure of 26.9 million concurrent players.
It is worth mentioning that the Steam figures let us see how much PC gaming has grown in the last decade. If we go to figures from November 2010, we can see that there the maximum number of concurrent users was 4.8 million. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the peak of connected players was approximately 18 million.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that the gaming PC is incredibly versatile. What we are going to do is that not necessarily those 27 million users who connected simultaneously to Steam did so with a high or mid-range PC. Many probably did it from an old computer or even a laptop that can only run indies.

So, although perhaps not all of them meet the profile we imagine when we think of a PC gamer, it is extremely interesting to see how the number of Steam users has grown. We hope this trend continues for many years to come, as the more people we enjoy video games, the better.

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