Monday, August 8

Neversong: Physical and Collector’s Edition Now Available for Switch and PS4

Are you ready to wake up? The adventure platformer game Neversong prepares to receive exclusively for PS4 and Nintendo Switch its physical version. In addition, they have also presented a collectors edition to be distributed in Spain by the hand of Tesura Games. It is already available both in video game stores and on web portals such as Amazon, and today we have been able to know its details and content. The game is developed by Atmos Games and Serenity Forge, and will debut earlier this year on PC; later in the summer it made its way to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Neversong presents its Collector’s Edition and its physical version

The physical edition of Neversong for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch it is already available in the usual points of sale for a price of 35.99 (currently in stores like Amazon it is reduced to 29.99); and has also presented the content of its Collector’s Edition (which in turn is available for a price of 42.99). The content included in this purchase option is as follows:

  • Juego (PS4 o Switch)
  • Exclusive Pin
  • CD with Original Soundtrack by Thomas Brush
  • Deck of cards of 14 characters
  • Redwind Field Sheet Music
  • pster
  • Special Collector’s Box

A fairy tale with a spooky twist

What can we expect from this adventure? Players will play Peet, a boy who has just awakened from a coma and cannot find his girlfriend anywhere. Accompanying our protagonist, we will have to investigate why screams are heard from the depths of Neverwood … and why adults have turned into zombies. “Discover the unimaginable truth behind Peet’s past in this haunting fable that seems to be taken from a dream,” say the creators. What is behind this story? Now we can find out one more time thanks to its physical edition for PS4 and Switch.

“A peculiar 2D adventure with small doses of platforms, puzzles and action that stands out for the environment and its history”, we wrote in our analysis. Neversong It is also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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