Wednesday, August 17

My Hero Academia actually has two versions of Spider-Man

Froppy of My Hero Academia may be the closest hero to UA’s Spider-Man, but a hero in the Watchers spinoff may be a more fitting tribute.

Tsuyu Asui, also known as “Froppy”, is one of the many young heroes in training at UA High School. In a world where most people are born with powers (known as “quirks”), Tsuyu was endowed with incredible amphibious abilities. With the quirk classified as “Frog”, Tsuyu is noted several times throughout the series that he can do “anything a frog can do”, no doubt a reference to Peter Parker being capable of “anything a frog can do.” spider can ». Like Peter, Froppy is a hero with a very strong animal inspiration, but another hero in this universe has a more spiritual link to Spider-Man.

In that spirit, Koichi resembles Spider-Man in understanding the importance of being a “friendly neighborhood” hero. Long before Peter Parker was a member of the Avengers or bounced through the multiverse with doppelgangers of himself, he was using his gifts to protect the citizens of New York at street level. Even when teased at his simple “slip and slide” quirk, nothing stops Koichi from jumping head first when danger strikes and risking his own life to protect others. While The Crawler does not initially receive the respect of his neighbors, the local police department, or rightful heroes, he becomes the heart of his community and a great asset in taking down the bad guys.

Peter Parker and Koichi Haimawari are bright-eyed idealists who understand that being a great hero begins at home with community service. They may be called things like “threat,” but their presence and determination have had a positive impact on their respective worlds and places of origin. It just shows that the core of a hero like Spiderman it’s so strong, a superhero worship property like My hero academia it has to have multiple characters just to properly honor it.

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