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Jason takes Manhattan Remake would be the perfect Friday the 13th reboot

The Friday the 13 movie franchise is getting a reboot, and a remake of the maligned Jason Takes Manhattan sequel might be the best way to go.

the Friday the 13th the franchise needs to be rebooted and a remake of the maligned 1989 sequel Jason toma Manhattan might be the best approach. More than a decade has passed since the last Friday the 13th film. That was Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th remake from 2009, which was actually more of a combination of the early films of the original series.

The prologue revisited the Pamela Voorhees massacre at Camp Crystal Lake, while the story then went on to something akin to a merger of parts 2, 3, and 4. The remake also featured Jason sporting his burlap sack look before switching. to his iconic hockey mask. While some feel the Friday the 13th The remake is underrated and performed well financially, that wasn’t enough to generate a direct following. In the years that followed, several scripts came close to production, only for New Line to back off at the last minute. More recently, Friday the 13thThe rights to the film were repurchased by Paramount, who was also unable to create another film.

The last few years have seen the Friday the 13th franchise in stasis, thanks to a legal battle between original writer Victor Miller and producer Sean S. Cunningham. Miller eventually won, but what that means for a thirteenth’s prospect has yet to be revealed. Friday the 13th happening soon. What many have little doubt is that Friday the 13th It is not over forever, as the franchise is too profitable to stay. When you do, arrange a redo of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – but getting it right this time – would be a great way to restart the franchise.

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Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes ManhattanThe core concept was great, as the series had spent seven movies prowling around or near Camp Crystal Lake and was ready for some new places. Witnessing Jason’s coldness going to New York, everyone Jason toma ManhattanThe best scenes are those in which Jason came to stalk Times Square. Unfortunately, Paramount saddled it with a low budget, which led to the majority of Jason toma Manhattan to be placed on a cruise instead. Furthermore, most of Jason toma Manhattan The scenes apparently shot in New York were shot in generic urban sections of Vancouver.

While the Friday the 13th The franchise has never been high-budget, hence the great return on investment that the studios involved made, there is no reason why the $ 20 million budget Friday the 13th 2009 could not allow a better version of Jason toma Manhattan to be produced. Jason toma ManhattanThe budget in 1989 was just $ 5 million, so even when adjusted for inflation, that would give the filmmakers Paramount could hire for a new take considerably more money to work with. If they were willing to go up to $ 30 million Freddy vs. Jason – which Wes Craven went on to direct – cost, that would make things even easier. The eventual return of Friday the 13th It will be a major event anyway, so the next sequel must do something special to mark the occasion. Back to Jason toma Manhattan , which is often considered one of the series’ biggest missed opportunities, and doing it right would only make Jason’s return even sweeter.

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