Wednesday, August 17

It takes almost 11,000 hours to finish all Xbox Game Pass games

It is undeniable that today Xbox Game Pass is the most popular subscription game service of all those that exist with an estimated 30 million users, something that is partly given by the wide variety of works available in its catalog: at the time of writing these lines the members of this platform can access 419 video games on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, 154 on PC and many others from EA Play, which also offers some secret titles, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which has just landed on consoles with very good performance.

These figures belong to the database of HowLongToBeat, a famous website that indicates how long video games last based on estimates provided by people who have already completed them. Investigating between the menus of this useful tool we can see another curious fact: it will take 10,994 hours to finish all the games included in Xbox Game Pass To date, almost 11,000 hours that, converted into years, mean that to pass all the titles of this service we would need to be playing one year and three months without releasing the controller at any time.

The shortest and longest Xbox Game Pass games

All these hours of play we could divide them as we wanted, from short games like Donut County O What Remain of Edith Finch (two and a half hours in the first case, three in the second), to other titles that are true wells of hours What The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition, Black Desert O Dead by Daylight, which are the ones that record the most hours in this database.

Evidently this data varies as new games come out and come in, since it is basically a sum of all the average hours of each game included in Xbox Game Pass. Coming soon, as part of the second batch of November games, arrive Evil Genius 2, and shortly after we will receive the expected campaign mode of Halo Infinite, which together with its multiplayer mode (now available for free) is sure to be one of the titles that adds more hours to this average.

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