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Is Half-Life 3 in development? They say that Valve has other priorities | LevelUp

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Fans of Half-Life still looking forward to the launch of the long-awaited third installment that Valve has denied them for many years. Players’ hopes resurfaced with the debut of Half-Life: Alyx, which opened the doors once again with the rebirth of the saga and the return of Gordon Freeman.

Despite this, the company has not given enough clues to believe that Half-Life 3 it will one day come true. Everything indicates that lovers of the series should be patient, as a source recently revealed that Valve has no plans for the third installment for now.

The reason? He currently has another ambitious project between plans that still requires work and that is an important part of the company’s future. Just as you’re thinking, this is the Steam Deck, your portable PC that will debut early next year. To this must be added a mysterious secret title.

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Half-Life 3 not a priority for Valve, according to sources

Tylver McVicker, miembro de Valve News Network, assured that Valve does not have a continuation of Half-Life 2: Episode Two planned for now or a project that points to the planning of the dream Half-Life 3, according to their sources.

Added that Half-Life: Alyx left the doors open to other installments of the popular franchise; However, Valve’s real priority for now is for the Steam Deck to have a successful launch, especially after the good reception of its reveal.

“The problem is, no, at the moment, there is not a major development team working on anything outside of the few pieces of software that are designed specifically for hardware at the moment,” McVicker said.

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Citadel it would be one of Valve’s next games

The insider stressed that Valve is not currently working on any traditional keyboard and mouse FPS at this time, but this does not mean that the company does not have new games in development.

In fact, McVicker talked about Citadel, a mysterious project in the hands of the studio. Very little is known about this title, as for now it is only said that it is intended to “show the best of Steam Deck.”

Finally, the game is described as a hybrid between RTS and FPS based on Half-Life and in cooperative mechanics. McVicker assures that it is as if Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm, an RTS and Half-Life had a baby.

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