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Hideo Kojima has already seen Arcane and this is his opinion of the League of Legends series | LevelUp

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Arcane, the animated series of League of Legends, is breaking it everywhere for its high production values, its interesting story, its soundtrack and all the fan service it includes for fans of the popular Riot Games title.

As a lover of cinema and everything related to animation, Hideo Kojima could not miss the opportunity to see Arcane and give a brief opinion about their experience through their social networks.

The Japanese creative revealed that he has already seen some episodes of the series, so he shared some of his first impressions. As you can imagine, Kojima is delighted like many, so he highlighted the work that Riot and Netflix did.

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Hideo Kojima reveals his opinion on Arcane

The famous Japanese creative assured that he has already seen 4 chapters of the 9 episodes that make up the first season of Arcane. Like the fans of League of Legends, is enchanted with the production and its high level of quality.

He also confessed that he was invited to a preview of the series before its official debut, but that he turned it down and now feels regretting it. Kojima claimed that Arcane It is amazing and so far you have loved it.

“I have seen 4 episodes of Arcane. This is amazing! It’s great! I was invited to a preview before its release, and I’m sorry I turned it down, “wrote Kojima.

The developer also stated that the series is “an achievement of digital video between realism and art.” Because of this, he compared the series to other great animated productions, such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Death & Robots, among other.

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Kojima concluded and said that Arcane it is the future of animation in general and of what is done with computers. Below you can see the posts he made on Twitter.

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League of Legends is available on PC. Find more news about the popular game and its hit series at this link.

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