Saturday, December 3

Halo Infinite’s Controversial Time Event Fracture: Tenrai Ends Tomorrow

The free multiplayer from Halo Infinite started with a more than remarkable number of simultaneous players, although since its premiere it has been receiving numerous criticisms from the players. This morning we have informed you about the request of several users to add an option that allows to disable crossplay to avoid cheats on PC, while many others criticized its slow progression system. From 343 Industries they are aware of the reported comments and have recently reported that the controversial event of Fracture: Tenrai finish this Tuesday, although the criticism does not stop.

As you can read in the statement offered by the support account of Halo, Fracture: Tenrai finish Tuesday, November 30. As they stand out from Eurogamer, this is the first limited-time event of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite and, despite the fact that its access is free for all players, the progression and challenge system has not pleased the players in the least. Broadly speaking, the event features eye-catching samurai-inspired armor that is hard to come by due to an abusive challenge system that is vast. Of 42 challenges that are proposed in the temporary event, Players must exceed 30 at least -7 challenges per week over a six-week period- to receive the exclusive outfit.

The event will return in January 2022

From 343 Industries they have reported that the event of Fracture: Tenrai have six appearances going forward and throughout the first season; its next appearance is scheduled for January 2022, exact date yet to be determined. As we have highlighted, it is to be expected that different changes will be introduced to facilitate the obtaining of the armor in light of the wave of criticism that the title has received. Other details that have been widely criticized are that to access event challenges, normal weekly challenges must be completed first or that in the store Halo Infinite premium cosmetics are being sold for a limited time and with a totally exorbitant price.

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