Monday, December 5

Halo Infinite: Xbox Users Ask To Disable Crossplay By PC Cheats

The Spartan have faced the Covenant, the Flood, and the Outcasts, but in the last few days they have had to deal with a new enemy: the cheats. Developers 343 Industries released the free multiplayer of Halo Infinite on beta phase on November 15 on PC, Xbox Series, and Xbox One before final release on December 8. Two weeks later, there are computer gamers cheating very obvious, which has led users to Xbox to ask for a way to disable crossover play.

From Eurogamer rescue some videos published by users on Twitter and Reddit where practically impossible plays are appreciated unless it is being used wallhack (see through walls) and / or automatic pointing, as is the case with the following clips shared by content creator Douglas ‘DougisRaw’ Wolf:

In the videos inserted below you can see examples of aimbot, wallhack and a mix of both. Twitter user @jcb_response he says, mentioning 343 Industries: “Let me turn off cross-play until you can have a real anti-cheat system in place.”

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The user Meiie from the Xbox Series X subreddit asks the same, with the following argument: “Beyond the ease of playing on the console, Avoiding PC cheats has been my main reason for not playing on PC […] I never find any of them playing on the console and disabling the cross-play option. “

Infinite Allows you to play only against controller players in Arena

As they remember from the British milieu, at this moment no way to disable crossplay on Halo Infinite. In Arena (ranked) matches you can choose to play against gamers using controller or mouse and keyboard, but that does not prevent meeting PC users who use remote control. The option is not available in Quickplay, Party, or Big Team Battle modes.

The cross play is an increasingly common function in online games, from Fortnite a Call of Duty: Warzone (which has also had to deal with its own controversy over cheating players on PC), and of course, all the recent titles from Xbox Game Studios, which allow console, computer and mobile users to play in the same games.

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