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GTA 6 could be ‘less hooligan or fun’, according to a Rockstar Games founder

If it were up to Rockstar Games we still wouldn’t know what to expect from Grand Theft Auto VI (or whatever the next installment of the saga is called Grand Theft Auto), but every so often new rumors and hints of what the company is preparing for its next big video game emerge. Now have been the words of Jamie King, Co-Founder of Rockstar Games, which have made us talk about the next GTA.

Jamie King, who is no longer related to the company he founded with the Houser brothers, Terry Donovan and Gary Foreman, has participated in an interview on the Killaz channel on YouTube and among many other topics they have talked about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto, of which King has assured that be different precisely because of the absence of some key names of the company.

To be GTA 6 more “cheesy” than the previous ones?

I recently we told that the development of Grand Theft Auto VI may have restarted in 2020 after Dan Houser’s departure from Rockstar Games, something Jamie King says could alter the tone of the series: “It wouldn’t surprise me if the tone started to change And maybe it wasn’t that hooligan or funny, “reflects King during the interview.” I think maybe they have a chance to do something cheesy, because they don’t usually do it, or maybe they don’t. “

“I think culturally and internally, both Rockstar North and Rockstar Games will miss Leslie Benzies. [que dej la compaa en 2016] and Dan Houser. Be different for sure“, explains Jamie King during the interview. However, the co-founder of the company clarifies that he does not think that this change will necessarily be bad for the success of the company:” There is a magnificent machine that will take a lot of effort to screw up. I just look at the success of Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 and I think everything will be fine. “

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This same month we have learned, in fact, that Grand Theft Auto V has exceeded 155 million copies sold So what Red Dead Redemption 2 it already has more than 39 million.

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