Tuesday, August 16

Farming Simulator 22 surpasses Battlefield 2042 in number of players

Battlefield 2042 not that you are getting the best referrals in the world. My Friend Peppa Pig (Boris Johnson’s favorite game) is already rated higher than DICE’s new title or Far Cry 6. Not being enough with that, this week we have learned that Farming Simulator 22 has more Steam players than Battlefield 2042. In other words: it was not the best launch of the series. In fact, the shooter has only continued to add negative reviews: players complain both about errors or bugs, as well as content that they feel is missing.

Steam: Players stay on the farm Farming Simulator 22

According to the data provided by SteamDB, which you can consult in the tweet that we have left you on these lines, Farming Simulator 22 has managed to gather more players in the Valve store than the new installment of the iconic shooter saga from EA and DICE. In fact, for the week ending November 28, the farm management game ranked # 1 as the best-selling game of that seven-day span; while Battlefield 2042 I was in second position.

In fact, it was not enough to surpass the game in sales, it has also done so in number of players: while Farming Simulator 22 brought together a total of 93,782 simultaneous players on November 22, only 46,435 were playing Battlefield 2042. The difference is quite palpable, and it is also felt at the peak of the 24 hours of that very moment: the peak of Farming Simulator 22 were precisely those 93,782 users, while Battlefield 2042 got a little closer with a peak of 53,053 users.

Farming Simulator 22 was the best seller for the week of November 28 and had more players than Battlefield 2042

It must be pointed out, that is, that EA has released Battlefield 2042 also in Origin so the data coming from its platform should also be counted to see how the game has performed on computers. However, this detail does help us to get an idea of how was the reception from Battlefield 2042 on the part of the players: as we say, the bugs and the absence of a traditional scoring table, for example, have disenchanted part of the users.

On the other hand, the great scope that the saga possesses is also put on the table Farming Simulator. As indicated from VG24/7, came to occupy the top of the best-selling games in the United Kingdom and the United States after debuting on November 22.


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