Sunday, November 27

Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE, A Dark Fantasy Adventure From Team Danganronpa

Does the detective in you want to solve a new case? Then take note of Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE, a new adventure title that just released its first trailer this week. We talk about a bet on dark fantasy and mystery that comes from the hand of the creators of Danganronpa: With a story signed by Kazutaka Kodaka, music by Masafumi Takada and developed by Tookyo Games, players are immersed in a plot where they will have to bring out that Sherlock Holmes inside them. At the moment, neither a launch date nor platforms have been announced.

Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE is the new from the creators of Danganronpa

Thanks to the first advance that we have left you on these lines, we can enjoy a small appetizer of what to offer Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE. Developed on the Unreal Engine, a ghost guides us through a rainy city of neon lights. Designed by Rui Komatsuzaki, this trailer allows us to take note of the dark and enigmatic atmosphere that surrounds the project and that permeates the history of this title.

It seems that players will have to explore this strange city, where they will cross their paths with a colorful group of characters. Mechanics like exploring or searching for clues it seems that they will be part of the characteristics of Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE, as well as the confrontation against what appear to be bosses that will get in our way. We will probably also have moments in which we will be exposing our deductions.

A new dark fantasy and mystery game from Danganronpa’s parents

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At the moment there are not many details about the game, so we will have to wait for Spike Chunsoft or Tookyo Games to share more information. It seems to get going Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE they have joined what they learned with Danganronpa and with the saga Zero Escape, offering players a product that collects the best of both franchises. We will be waiting for you to share more news about this project.

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