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Dragon Ball: The Breakers Beta Closed Soon, Here’s How To Register

A new in-depth trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers explains how the game is played and confirms how and when to participate in the closed beta.

Considering most games based on Dragon Ball The franchise tends to be fighting games or RPGs, it’s safe to say that no one expected it to offer its own version of the asymmetric multiplayer genre. But last week, that’s precisely what Bandai Namco announced, with the title Dragon Ball: The Breakers. At the time, the company promised it would have another update and details on a closed beta test soon, and has shared them earlier today via a new trailer for the game.

As a reminder, Dragon Ball: The Breakers Is essential Dead by daylight. A player takes control of one of the franchise’s villains, such as Cell, and must hunt down seven survivors, whose goal is to find the Super Time Machine and escape the Raider player alone. The new game trailer lasts just over 11 minutes and appears to cover all the important aspects of how matches unfold in Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Some of that was already covered in the original announcement, but the trailer goes into more detail about the multiple victory conditions for both the survivors and the Raider (such as how to activate the Super Time Machines and how their destruction is not an automatic victory for the Raider) and some examples of the abilities players can use (the Raider, for example, can destroy an entire area of ​​the map every time they level up). It basically acts as a tutorial to prepare players for Dragon Ball: the breakerclosed beta.

Anyone interested in testing the beta can do so by registering through the official website, although a Bandai Namco account is required. Like the beta test for Elden Ring, the registration only means that the signers have the possibility to be invited to play the beta; it is not an automatic guarantee.

There will be four playable sessions taking place on December 3rd and 4th. Session 1 lasts from 6:00 p.m. M. At 10 p. M. PDT on December 3, and session 2 will last the following morning on December 4 from 4:00 a.m. M. At 8:00 a. M. PDT. Session 3 takes place a couple of hours later, from 10 a.m. M. At 2 p. M. PDT, and the fourth and final session takes place from 6 pm to 6 pm. M. At 10 p. M. PDT.

Judging from the game’s trailer, the beta will likely only have one playable Raider character, Cell. Both Freeza and Majin Buu, two other prolific Dragon Ball villains, have been confirmed to Dragon Ball: The Breakers thanks to its key art and more villains are expected to be added to the game through post-launch updates.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers releases in 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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