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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain shown in extensive new trailer | LevelUp

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Every time there is less for Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain reaches the Switch catalog, so its managers at Nintendo have just shared a new trailer that shows you everything that awaits you in this interesting title.

As you surely know, Big Brain Academy It is a saga that gained popularity with the Nintendo DS and that offered a new style of game for all those who wanted something different from the usual.

Big Brain Academy’s new game is coming this Friday

Fortunately for all of them, the franchise is still alive and will make its triumphant return with a new title, which was announced last September, and which will be released this December to help you train your brain with various mini-games.

Due to the proximity of its launch, Nintendo has just published an extensive trailer that shows you everything that the game will be able to offer from day 1. You can see it here:

How could you observe, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain It will be a good option to play with your family or friends in different minigames with up to 4 players, where they can show who is the best. In addition, the game will have an online mode where you will have the opportunity to compete against the times of other users.

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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain It will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on December 3, and you can now download its demo in the console’s eShop for free.

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