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Battle in Balin’s Tomb, relive the Moria mine skirmish

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Battle in Balin’s Tomb is the new board game to be released by Games Workshop. The company announced this new excursion to the realm of the dwarves, providing some initial details on the miniature-based title.

Taking place during the events of the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, Battle in Balin’s Tomb pits players against a horde of goblins and their cave troll in a fight for survival. Games Workshop noted that this new title commemorates the 20th anniversary of the film’s original theatrical release in December 2001.

At least two players will play the members of the Fellowship sent to accompany Frodo on his quest to throw the Ring of Power into the fires of Mount Doom. All nine heroes are represented on 28mm miniatures, from hobbits and humans to Gandalf the Gray, and each one of them will bring certain skills and combat prowess to take on Moria’s onslaught of goblins.

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The box will include nine Community miniatures, 22 Goblins and a gigantic Cave Troll, along with the dice and cards necessary to develop the encounter.

Battle in Balin’s Tomb They have a cave troll!

Details on exactly how the mechanics work are scant, although the promo images show stats and special actions or abilities printed on the heroes’ cards. Goblin cards, which appear in a deck on one side of the board, probably function similar to an encounter deck and provide AI commands for the enemy horde.

The board itself is flat and divided into a grid, in some of the boxes the names of the members of the Community appear, indicating roughly their position during the events of the scene. The numbers on the sides seem to indicate the number of rounds players must survive, or be like a timer in which all goblins must be eliminated.

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componentes de Battle in Balin's Tomb

Games Workshop did not indicate the price or release date of Battle in Balin’s Tomb, but a tweet from the Warhammer Community account on the day of the announcement stated that “fans of Middle-earth will be able to pick up these boxes for Christmas”, indicating some day before December 25.

The miniature models are the same as those used in the strategy game Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, a Lord of the Rings wargame that uses the plot of the books and the aesthetics of the characters from Jackson’s movie trilogy.

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