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Bachelorette Party: John Hersey Says Katie Never Cheated

John Hersey personally took to Reddit to assure fans that Katie never cheated on Blake. But how does John explain his “fast and complicated” timeline?

Anterior Bachelorette party The contestant and Katie Thurston’s new boyfriend John Hersey recently addressed fans personally to clarify that there were no cheating that led to their new relationship. After the Bachelor Nation learned that ex-single Katie recovered from her breakup with fiancé Blake Moynes with John, there was an understandable backlash, but John has gone on the record to clarify the origins of his romantic relationship with Katie.

At the beginning of Katie Bachelorette party trip, there weren’t many sparks between her and John, and the bartender from San Diego went home week 2. Instead, Katie developed relationships with other men on the show, and after much drama, she got engaged to Blake at the end of the season. But their relationship didn’t last long, and Katie and Blake announced their breakup about a month ago. After their breakup, Katie embraced her messy side and spent 12 days pairing the men of her season with Taylor Swift songs, shocking fans when she revealed on the 12th that she and John are now dating.

On Friday, John He took to Reddit to write a personal letter to fans to help them understand the how and why of his relationship with Katie. He informed fans that he and Katie had been developing a deep friendship for the last half of this year and assured readers that “We were ALWAYS platonic… it was never a thought in our minds that we would ever be something else. “Even when he was on the show, John claimed that things never really worked out with Katie and more importantly, he assured fans that“Neither Katie nor I would cheat, pressure someone to cheat, or engage in cheating,” cast “there was nothing wrongBefore Katie formally ended her engagement to Blake.

However, John admitted that the timeline of their relationship is’fast and messy, ”And he claims that he and Katie moved so quickly after their breakup because they had such a strong friendship foundation. «The speed at which I fell in love with this amazing, caring, genuinely caring human being was honestly terrifying.” he said. Although the new couple announced their relationship shortly after Katie’s breakup with Blake, John claims it’s partly a logistical issue, saying there’s no way they could have explored a relationship without endless speculation from fans anyway. so it was easier to go with everything than to try. for “foster a kind of secret and scandalous relationship. «

While some fans were sympathetic to John and Katie, there were others who felt the letter was somewhat performative and suggested that Blake was the one who deserved an explanation. John made some decent points, but he also might not be giving his and Katie’s subconscious desires enough credit. The two could have been developing feelings that led to the breakup that Katie and John didn’t even realize. They may think there was no emotional trap, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. Even if there was no outright deception, the whole situation was a gray area, and it’s not hard to see why Blake’s feelings would be hurt.

The love triangle that formed between John, Blake and the first Bachelorette party The lead is undoubtedly complicated, and John’s message to the fans is not going to satisfy all the fans. It could be true that he and Katie don’t really believe they did anything wrong, but they still clearly hurt Blake in the process of revealing their relationship, and fans are likely holding them accountable.

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