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APIS: the importance of bees in a board game • Console and Board

A sustainable board game with educational values, for the whole family. This is how it is presented APIS, a cooperative proposal in Catalan that invites us to reflect on the importance of bees and the consequences of living in a world without them.


APIS is already on sale in Catalonia, through a edition limited to 1,000 units. Inside its box, shaped like a bee, we will find wooden components. They are enough to instill in players respect for these pollinators.

Indicated from the age of 8, it seeks to raise awareness about the problem that the disappearance of bees would entail, with its disastrous consequences. Remember how your activity translates into a third of our food, among other benefits.

Pesticides and climate change, among others, have already significantly reduced the number of bees. Following this idea, the game proposes us to answer a series of questions, reaching the different phases of metamorphosis. The final task will be cooperatively shape a hive.

As pointed out by those responsible, APIS It is designed for those looking for educational board games, for lovers of nature and science and for those who are concerned about the environment. Therefore, it promises to work both in educational centers and in the family environment, promoting reflection on the subject.

We must bear in mind that both the texts and the rules are in Catalan. The game itself resorts to sustainable materials in its manufacture, using wood and recovered and proximity materials.

Not only does it have the certificates that show its sustainable value, but it has also had the collaboration of the Fundació Ilersis, a non-profit organization that fights for the social and labor inclusion of people with intellectual diversity. This need to build a better world has been driven by the crisis generated by the pandemic. Its creators are aware of how families have spent more time at home, accompanied by board games.

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  • 95 Question Cards
  • 6 Metamorphosis Cards
  • Solutions Card
  • 36 Wooden Cells
  • Wood Color Dice
  • Instructions (Catalan)

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