Thursday, December 8

Another Eden mobile game to have a collaboration with Chrono Cross

Earlier last week we echoed rumors about a remake or remastering of Chrono Cross, the sequel to Chrono Trigger for PlayStation released in 1999 that never made it to Europe. In the last few hours something has come to light that gives more packaging to this information: in the files of the free JRPG Another Eden have found references to a collaboration event Chrono Cross.

Has been the user “aceofivalia” who has posted on the subreddit dedicated to the global community of Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space its discovery in the game files. “It seems that [los desarrolladores] WFS have screwed up and included some future content, and one of those is a new collaboration. And the file names make it very obvious what the collaboration is. It is Chrono Cross“.

Among the files there are references to characters such as Lucca, Serge, Kid y Harle. By the name of the files, “aceofivalia” argues that the plot of the collaboration will be about worlds and parallel timelines, which will be mixed with the main story of Another Eden.

The creators of Another Eden They are the ones from the saga Chrono

The JRPG free by Wright Flyer Studios is not particularly popular in the West despite the good reviews which had its premiere in 2019 (in Japan it has been available since April 2017). In march this year a global version was released for PC (Steam) and a Switch edit is prepared.

The names behind the title lend even more weight to the rumors of the remake. its director and screenwriter is Masato Kato, and among its composers is Yasunori Mitsuda. Both are Japanese creatives involved in the saga Chrono and in Xenogears, among other intellectual properties.

The insider Spheshal Nick del podcast XboxEra was the one who advanced the supposed existence of this Chrono Cross Remastered, pointing out what that is “big remake” de PlayStation that singer AVA leaked in October. The title will be announced this month, and unless there is another unexpected event, the last big date of the year will be The Game Awards 2021, which will take place on December 10 from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. Spanish peninsular time.

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