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Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Redd Raffle 2.0 Items (And How To Get Them)

Redd’s Raffle returns in the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update, unlockable at Harv’s Island Plaza. This giveaway provides thirty new items to collect.

Animal Crossing New Horizons received a major update earlier this month that added a ton of new content, including Redd’s Raffle, which can be visited once your booth is unlocked for Harv’s Island Plaza. Redd is the unreputable vendor that players can meet on their islands; peddling of statues, paintings and furniture. In his new role, Redd will offer a variety of items that the player can equip.

To unlock Redd’s raffle, players will need to open their booth on Harv’s Island. Redd’s booth is the middle booth on the right side of Harv’s Island Plaza and needs a donation of 100,000 Bells to open. Once his outpost is up and running, Redd will be visitable here every day that he is not visiting the player’s island at his secret beach in Animal crossing.

Redd’s Raffle has thirty different prizes in Animal crossing, all new items that players will not be able to purchase elsewhere in the game. Most of the prizes are food, including different ice cream and canned drinks. These foods cannot be eaten, but can be equipped. By equipping these items, players will be able to walk around their island with a snack in hand just like the villagers do.

Redd raffle prizes at Animal Crossing New Horizons

Players of previous titles may be familiar with Redd assuming the role of a street vendor as he does at Harv’s Island Plaza. Redd’s raffle prize collection will work as it has during previous fireworks events in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Players will select the raffle box to play, and each raffle ticket will cost 500 bells. A numbered ticket will be randomly drawn, awarding its associated prize among the thirty available options:

  • 1 – Peach pink folding fan
  • 2 – Light blue folding fan
  • 3 – Grass green folding fan
  • 4 – Bitter orange folding fan
  • 5 – Vanilla cone
  • 6 – Chocolate cone
  • 7 – Strawberry cone
  • 8 – Ramune-soda-lemon cone
  • 9 – Melon cheesecake cone
  • 10 – Orange and mint cone
  • 11 – Serve soft vanilla
  • 12 – Serve soft chocolate
  • 13 – Soft serve of matcha and vanilla
  • 14 – Serve soft berry and vanilla
  • 15 – Rainbow soft serve
  • sixteen – Canned orange juice
  • 17 – Canned grape juice
  • 18 – Canned apple juice
  • 19 – Canned green tea
  • 20 – Canned tea
  • 21 – Canned coffee
  • 22 – Canned sports drink
  • 23 – Canned soda
  • 24 – Donut de chocolate
  • 25 – Donut de Matcha
  • 26 – Strawberry donut
  • 27 – White chocolate donut
  • 28 – Pocket book
  • 29 – Pocket magazine
  • 30 – Colorful light stick
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The Colorful Light Stick works the same way as the original Light Stick with the added benefit of changing colors when players press A while the Colorful Light Stick is equipped. Redd raffle in Animal crossing It seems to be fairly balanced, giving out prizes that players have not yet received first. Repeat prizes are unavoidable, but it may not take long to collect all the desired prizes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available on Switch.

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