Monday, August 8

Alexia Putellas, a mirror in which to look at yourself

Spanish women’s soccer has lacked leaders whose figure transcends beyond the field of play. There are them counted on the fingers of one hand – do not name them out of respect for the protagonist of the day – and one of them, of course, is Alexia Putellas.

In addition to being a great footballer, the one from Mollet del Valls has great values ​​that she shares and transmits. It would be, sometimes too much, but always correct when it comes to serving an amateur who asks for a photograph or an autograph or the journalist who approaches it looking for a statement.

Whoever writes discovered it as a player for Espanyol and the U17 team. She is one of those players who does not go unnoticed by the class that shows on the green, but who in the beginning hides – out of shyness – to escape from the mixed zone. Fortunately has been improving over the years and now handles the ball as well as with the microphone.

Alexia has been polishing her innate talent through work, perseverance, sacrifice and humility. He achieved sporting glory without success going to his head, and I’m sure he won’t either now that he’s also enjoyed individual recognition.

It is the best example that can be set in a football school right now and that should guide future generations. Ms Alexias, please.

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