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10 Times Real Housewives Cast Members Sincerely Apologized

The Real Housewives know how to start an argument, but some cast members showed that they also know how to make a sincere apology.

The life of a housewife isn’t always as bright and sunny as the cast members might have thought before starring in. The real housewives. Being on a reality TV show requires those in front of the camera to be completely transparent and authentic when it comes to almost every aspect of their life. While the women in Real housewives showing that they are strong enough for the challenge, that doesn’t mean they don’t make a few mistakes along the way.

Those of The real housewives they’ve shown viewers that sorry really seems like the hardest word, and housewives struggle to admit when they’re wrong. However, when the time is right and a sincere apology is made, it can directly affect viewers’ feelings and generate a poignant sentiment. Real housewives moment.

Jen finally apologized to Brooks (RHOSLC)

In the time between seasons 1 and 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake CityJen Shah had an epic meltdown and got into trouble when she made disparaging comments about Meredith Marks’ son Brooks. For Meredith, it wasn’t just the things she said that were a problem, it was the tweets that Jen liked and also the messages she sent to fans.

It finally all caught up with her in season 2 when she had no choice but to apologize to both Meredith and Brooks for her actions. In an awkward sitting, Jen apologized to Brooks in a clearly sincere manner. As a mother, she regretted going after someone else’s child. Brooks knew how serious Jen was and the two hugged before making amends.

Shannon took the time she needed before apologizing to the cast (RHOC)

In the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon was going through a painful divorce and working on her friendship with most of the cast. He also had a hard time meeting the new cast members, Emily and Gina.

The cast went to Jamacia to escape Orange County and it wasn’t Shannon’s best episode. She was rude to those closest to her and incredibly cold to newbies Gina and Emily. Eventually, Shannon had no choice but to open up and open up about her hard times and how sorry she was. Although not everyone accepted her apology, fans could see that she was sincere.

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Monique used the meeting to apologize to Candiace (RHOP)

The season 5 fight between Monique and Candiace is one of the most talked about moments in Real housewives history. The two women got into a physical altercation that was so bad that the producers had to step in and separate them. The dispute even became one of the most dramatic stories of The real housewives of Potomac.

At the meeting, the two came face to face and Andy allowed Monique to say her part if she wanted. Rather than ignore any wrongdoing, Monique took responsibility for her participation in the fight. She told Candiace that she came from a dark place related to childhood trauma and that it got hold of her. Although Candiace did not accept Monique’s apology, it came from a truthful and sincere place.

Jennifer did her rounds with Dolores and Melissa (RHONJ)

In Season 9, the women of The Real Housewives of New Jersey He went on what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, but in the end, there was nothing relaxing about it. After a dinner conversation between Danielle and Margaret ended with the wine being thrown out, the other wives got involved. Fans found it difficult to support Jennifer after she broke a wine glass on the table and threatened both Melissa and Dolores. Jennifer was clearly not in the right frame of mind.

After returning from vacation, Jennifer realized she was wrong and sincerely apologized to Dolores and Melissa separately. Both women were receptive to Jennifer’s words and promised to start over.

Kandi got cleaned from Dennis to Porsha (RHOA)

In the eleventh season of The real housewives of Atlanta, Porsha finally found her match in Dennis. One night over dinner, Porsha told the women how lucky she was to find a partner like Dennis. She finally found someone who was a true companion and cared for her well-being. Kandi wasn’t always the biggest supporter of Porsha and her relationship with Dennis due to Dennis’s past, but hearing Porsha’s romantic views of him caused Kandi to change her mind.

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On one of Kandi’s best dates, she told Porsha that regardless of Dennis’s past, she regretted the things she said about him. It was an endearing moment delivered in front of the group that was appreciated by Porsha.

Vicki just wanted a relationship like Heather’s (RHOC)

There are many moments that Vicki Gunvalson will never live in, so it was a great moment of growth when she apologized to Heather for her actions in The real housewives of Orange County.

At Heather and Terry’s boat party, Vicki took Heather aside and apologized for being so mean the year before when she was dating Brooks. She was jealous of the love Heather had for Terry and hoped they would forgive her for having her blinders on with Brooks. Heather was hesitant about Vicki’s apology, but wouldn’t have apologized if she hadn’t come from the right place.

Erika apologized for an emotional moment (RHOBH)

While you dine in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a disagreement broke out and Eileen made an offhand comment: “She didn’t kill your son” to Erika. Erika, whose son is a police officer, took Eileen’s comment seriously and burst into tears. Erika warned Eileen never to speak of her son again because he had the potential to lose his life because of his job. Eileen didn’t mean it that way, of course, but Erika had enough.

The next day, the two women calmed down and Erika apologized for her collapse at the table. It wasn’t one of Erika’s proudest moments or best episodes, but she did apologize for taking things too far, which Eileen accepted.

Dorinda was embarrassed by what she said to Luann (RHONY)

Luann had a difficult time in The real housewives of New York after her divorce from Tom. Not only was she in another failed marriage, but she was also arrested and entered rehab. It was a lot for one person, and sadly not all of her fellow housewives were that sensitive to it.

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After too many drinks, Dorinda made an offensive comment to Luann about Lu’s mugshot. It was one of the times Dorinda went too far, coming off as an authoritarian and ruthless person, which fans did not support. Later that night, Dorinda realized she was below the belt and wished she had never said such things to Luann. He deeply regretted what he said and expressed deep regret. Although Luann accepted Dorinda’s apology on the surface, she remained resentful.

Nene and Cynthia apologized together (RHOA)

In the seventh season of RHOA, Nene and Cynthia were fighting, while Porsha and Kenia were also fighting. In an attempt to heal the wounds, Nene and Cynthia tried to fix things to bring their friendship to a better level. Kenya and Porsha joined the women in conversation and were surprisingly respectful to each other.

To start, Nene needed Cynthia to clarify some comments she made about their friendship, which she did in a loving way. Nene was receptive to what Cynthia was saying and the two of them apologized for being so hurtful to each other. They agreed that they loved and needed each other in their lives despite their differences.

Margaret said things she wasn’t proud of with Jennifer (RHONJ)

Margaret got into a fair amount of fights in season 9 of RHONJespecially with Jennifer. The two never backed down in an argument with each other, which made for great television but tough friendship.

One night at dinner, Jennifer made offensive comments about Magaret’s upbringing at the table. To get back at Jennifer, Margaret made a comment about Jen’s marriage and how her husband was cheating on her. The comment made Jen cry and she walked away from the table. In a shocking twist, Margaret apologized as soon as she returned to the table and admitted that she had made it all up. Jen appreciated Margaret taking responsibility and called the fight a washout.

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