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Xbox Series S was the best-selling console on Black Friday, according to analysts

On the last Friday, Black Friday was celebrated, a date on which important discounts are popularly made on products of all kinds, also video games and consoles. It is still early to know the sales data officially, but the firm Adobe Digital Economy Index ensures that the most sold console on Black Friday 2021 -at least in the United States- has been Xbox Series S, ahead of PlayStation 5, Switch OLED or Xbox Series X. Adobe has analyzed a billion visits to online stores in the United States and a survey of more than 1000 stores about their best-selling products.

“Although PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch OLED are still the most sought after consoles, chip shortages and high demand have made it almost impossible to get them,” he says. Business Insider about this information. Xbox Series S on the other hand is still available in many stores, and its more affordable price – 299 euros / dollars, although these days it has been possible to get for less – compared to other more powerful models is also tempting. The console is compatible with all the new generation Xbox Series X games and the only differences are the absence of an optical disc player and a power more intended for televisions with 1080p resolution than 4K. Of course, it is also compatible with older Xbox catalog or cloud play.

“Joined to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service, Xbox Series S is one of the least expensive options for people who want access to some of the most popular modern games“quotes the article.

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Xbox Series S has outsold Series X in some key markets

This month we learned that in the first year of the new consoles the Xbox Series S model sold more in certain territories than Series X. Analyst Daniel Ahmad commented that Xbox had increased Series S production dramatically, having trouble keeping Series X in stock, and the distribution was around 50%. In the case of Sony, the standard model of 500 euros / dollars represents 80% of the PS5, while the rest is the PS5 Digital Edition -400 euros / dollars.

Phil Spencer of Microsoft said last year that the Series S might be more successful than the premium model: “I think that across the generation our expectation would be that price really does matter and that we will see that the Xbox Series S sells more“.

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