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This is the Roborock wet dry vacuum cleaner

The company Roborock has just put on sale in our market a model of vertical vacuum cleaner characterized by its ability to aspirate liquids. The device is named Dyad with which the firm seeks to cover the growing demand for all-in-one equipment. It integrates a new technology based on two motors and three rollers.

Work scheme

DyadPower technology cleans using two motors working separately to activate three rollers, one at the front and two at the rear, allowing the system to rotate in opposite directions to lift and remove debris.

Integrated capabilities

With two rear rollers that span the entire width of the head, the vacuum cleaner can clean along the edges and baseboards.

Recognizes tough stains and automatically increases water flow and suction power to improve results.

An intelligent power system removes dust, dirt and liquids, leaving the floor practically dry.

As dirty water and solids are sucked into a 620 ml tank, it releases clean water onto the floor, and keeps the rollers running.

It provides innovative solutions for cleaning at home to, for example, remove water after a shower or avoid fingerprints on freshly washed floors. The user can increase the suction power to customize how their floors look.

Allows you to add a tea tree fragrance exclusively formulated for Roborock.

Roller possibilities

The appliance has a system for the rollers to clean themselves automatically. Due to its multiple system, which rotates in opposite directions, the unit glides smoothly, while using a special type of head that rotates and fits around furniture.

Information panel

The model integrates an information panel to identify the areas of the floor that concentrate the most dirt, as well as the cleaning mode and the battery life.

A voice alert system notifies when it is time to refill the water tank, or charge the battery.

The product in use

The vacuum cleaner’s two motors drive a multi-roller system to remove dirt in one pass, also along the edges. Dyad adopts a distinctive dual brush design that, while doubling its power, carries away water stains.

Its DyadPower cleaning system is suitable for encrusted dirt, in which the motors work separately to activate three rollers, one in the front and two in the rear, so that the system rotates in opposite directions. The result is that it lifts and removes all types of dirt.

It provides a strong and silent suction of 13000Pa, which does not disturb. There are three modes, and it also detects the dirtiest possible areas and adapts the power.

An outstanding value is that it cleans well along the edges and baseboards, since the rollers cover the entire width of the head and reach the wall without problems.

It is a flexible device since it is prepared to recognize complicated stains and eliminate them by automatically increasing the water flow and the suction power.

It provides a good autonomy of 5000 mAh, to work without stopping up to 35 minutes and clean up to 280 square meters.

The clean water tank and the sewage tank have a good capacity of 850ml and 600ml respectively.

The vacuum cleaner has specific voice prompts for various usage scenarios.

It adapts to the user’s speed for a smooth ride.


Roborck Dyad It is available as an introductory offer for a price of 449 euros.


Cordless vacuum, capable of cleaning with a single pass quickly. It is suitable for all types of floors and for all types of stains, even the most stubborn from spilled milk, tomato sauce, kitty litter and even bacteria on the floor.

It provides strong suction of 13000Pa and high speed of 73860 with low noise and efficiency.

It is easy to use since they have voice guidance.

It is comfortable since it allows the cleaning of a house of more than 250 square meters with a single charge

The folding stand adopts ergonomic design, no need to bend over when removing and placing the water tank.

Self cleaning works effectively. It will automatically remove dirt on the rotating brush and pipe, and will keep the scrubber clean at all times.

Technical aspects

Rated power: 260W

Nominal voltage: 22.2 V / 21.6 V

Weight: 5 kg

Dimensiones: 1112 x 270 x 191 mm

Dimensions (station): 320 x 240 mm

Noise level: 78 dB

Battery life: 35 minutes automatic

Battery capacity: 5000 mAh

Charging time: 4 h

Water tank size: 850 ml

Dirt tank size: 620 ml

Cleaning Modes: Auto / Max / Floor Dry

Roller type: Multi, Soft rollers (one front roller + two rear rollers)

Brush movement range: 180 °

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Voice alerts: Yes

Indicator Type: LED

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