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Gherkin, Peanut games presents its new portfolio game

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Cacahuet Games has announced the publication of Pepinillo, a board game designed by Miguel bustillo and which will hit the market in portfolio format in December.

Gherkin is a card game designed for 2 to 30 players, with a recommended age from 8 years, and with quick games that are solved in approximately 15 minutes.

We are facing a party game in which the players create a chain of syllables that continues without stopping. If the players make a mistake, they will be penalized.

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In the game, there are 3 cards on the table that have different hand gestures, in total there are 15 cards with different gestures but only three are used in each game. There is also another letter on the table with different words from different categories such as food, objects, countries, etc.

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Players in each round choose a word and each player has to say a syllable of that word. When we finish saying the syllables of the word, it starts again, but now, when saying a syllable, it can also make a gesture of the 3 that are on the table, which change the rules of the game and impose special conditions on the next player such as repeating a syllable, saying a syllable with another vowel, changing the meaning of the game, etc.

When a player makes a mistake in saying their syllable, the round ends and takes one of the 12 unused gesture cards. Each card has 1 to 3 pickles. The player with the fewest pickles at the end of the game is the winner.

Gherkin emsa game cards

Pickles is the designer’s first board game Miguel Bustillo (at least according to the data that appear in the BGG) has the illustrations of Jose Soto, who has worked on the graphic design of ADELE

Peanut Games is the publisher in charge of publishing the title, the company has published in our language Poule Poule, Cat Cafe, El Valle Secreto and will soon launch Spanta on the market.

Gherkin It will have a portfolio edition, a format popularized by the publisher Salt and Pepper Games, which facilitates its transport and the possibility of taking it out on the table at any time. The card game will go on sale on December 9 at a suggested retail price of 7.95 euros.

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