Wednesday, August 17

Fights in Tight Spaces presents its final version • Console and Dashboard

Fights in Tight Spaces is about to exit early access. Ground Shatter and Mode 7 reveal how the final version will be available on December 2 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.


This proposal can boast of positive reviews on Steam. The reason? The combination of deck building, tactical turns, and animated fighting sequences. It would not be fair to ignore the scenarios, inspired by action movies.

The player must resort to a constant balance of his hand, defeating the opponents. You’ll have over 200 cards to build the deck to suit your style, with enhancements capable of handling random events. Decision making and injuries are a constant reality.

This final version will provide more cards, levels, enemies, bosses and moves than the development version. There will be a total of six new starter decks, a greater variety of combos, and improved replays. Also, additional music and a UI overhaul.

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