Wednesday, January 26

Earth Defense Force 6 for PS4 and PS5 shows its gameplay in video

D3 Publisher has issued a program where it has been possible to see new gameplay of Earth Defense Force 6, the action game announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The team has confirmed that the material in this video belongs to the PS4 version, which allows us to see the performance of the game on this console. Its launch is scheduled in Japan for 2022, and although it has not been announced for Spain or the rest of the West, D3 Publisher usually distributes its titles – and the saga EDF– all over the world.

It is shooter in third person is developed by Sandlot and again takes us to a post-apocalyptic world. “After two years of war, humanity had barely eradicated the unknown invader that struck suddenly in 2022. And what remained was the stark reality that 90% of the total population had been lost and that the social system, civilization, was operating on the brink of collapse, “says his official description.

On Earth Defense Force 6 We will face colonizing groups of aliens that have settled on Earth and, after several years of fairly peaceful coexistence, A bloody battle for the planet begins.

Not very spectacular in graphics, but hilarious

The series is characterized by action against waves of giant ants, bees, spiders and other critters that devastate cities thanks to their size and number. Although its technical section is usually outdated, the saga has a large fan base thanks to its addictive arcade gameplay, unbridled action and cooperative options. The defense of humanity will once again be equipped with weapons, vehicles and war machines.

Earth Defense Force 6 new gameplay shown for PS4 and PS5

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