Monday, August 8

Beyond a Steel Sky: New Development Diary • Console and Dashboard

Beyond a Steel Sky Finalize preparations for its launch with a new development diary. It is run by Charles Cecil, CEO. We are before the spiritual successor of Beneath a Steel Sky.


Revolution Software and Microids publish a new development diary of this adventure, in which it is remembered how the narrative will be as present as the puzzle solving.

Our protagonist is Robert Foster, kidnapped from his village, now devastated. With Joey’s only company, the artificial intelligence that he built when he was just a child, will do everything possible to save the citizens oppressed by the dictatorship established by LINC.

This other artificial intelligence controls all aspects of people’s lives, to the point of finding ourselves in a totalitarian state. The richest live close to the ground, compared to the poorest and the droids, who spend their days in the upper levels.

This sci-fi world promises to feature characters with their own motivations. Together with the player’s decision-making, we will find ourselves faced with multiple solutions to the puzzles. Dark conspiracies and humor are not lacking at the appointment. Will be the November 30 when it hits PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch. The physical format will be available from Meridiem Games, through the Book Edition and the Utopia Edition.

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