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A new Halo is already in development, assures a trusted journalist | LevelUp

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The multiplayer of Halo Infinite is now available and your campaign reached the Gold stage. It is a very special time for 343 Industries, but that does not mean that they are going to rest on their laurels and rest for months. In fact, information from a reliable journalist indicates that they are already working on a new installment of Halo.

The information comes from Jez Corden, a journalist who writes from Windows Central and that they have become one of the most trusted sources regarding Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios. On the Xbox Two podcast, he assured that 343 Industries are already working on a new installment of Halo, but it’s not about Halo 7.

So what is it about? According to Corden’s information, the new 343 Industries project is a spin-off of Halo. This game has been being developed together with Halo Infinite, so its development takes time and is not something that has just started.

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In other news

It is unknown what kind of spin-off could be the new Halo

Unfortunately, Corden did not share any more information about this new spin-off of Halo. That is why the only thing left to the community is to speculate about it. This is why many believe that it must be a new installment of Halo Wars, the sub-series of real-time strategy games that takes place in the universe Halo.

The above would not be far-fetched. After all, it seems that there will be an important connection between the Halo Infinite and of Halo Wars 2. Also, it would make sense for it to be a co-developed project between 343 Industries and a studio like The Creative Assembly.

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Now, although the information comes from a reliable source, the reality is that nothing is confirmed. So we recommend that you avoid getting too excited until Xbox Game Studios confirms that a new spin-off of Halo is on the way.

And to you, what did you think of this news? What kind of spin-off from Halo would you like it to come out Tell us in the comments.

The campaign of Halo Infinite It will arrive on December 8, while the Beta of its multiplayer is available from November 15. You can learn more about this long-awaited FPS from 343 Industries by clicking here.

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