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They will throw a gamer pillow so that it hurts less to spend hours in front of the couch | LevelUp

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Gaming chairs – whether made of fancy materials or cardboard – have been gamers’ best friends for a long time. However, a rival has just arrived that threatens his reign: a gamer pillow that could eliminate all those pains.

You may be young and don’t understand it, but there comes a certain age when even being in the most comfortable chair can be painful. In Valari they know it and that is why they decided to make an attachment that helps us maintain good posture in our long gaming sessions.

His solution is a lumbar support circular pillow that surrounds the player’s trunk. This forces you to maintain good posture, plus it gives you a couple of soft, comfortable parts that you can rest your arms on to feel completely comfortable.

While all gaming products can be ridiculous, we think we are talking about a product that is not a bad idea. After all, a lot of people play on the couch and neglect their posture. A pillow like Valari’s could avoid that and in the process allow them to be very comfortable.

You can see more of the gamer pillow in the following video:

What do you think of the gamer pillow? If you think this is a good idea, you should know that this is a project on Kickstarter that is looking for $ 80,000 USD to start production. If you want to support it, you can do it here.

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