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The Real Housewives: 10 things only die-hard fans know about the franchise

The Real Housewives franchise has been going strong since 2006, but there are plenty of BTS tidbits that only die-hard fans know about.

In 2006, the first city in The real housewives universe was released – Orange County. The premise of following a group of wealthy women as they conducted business, relationships, and friendships was fascinating, especially given how ridiculously rich they actually were. Along the way, another 10 cities were added to the franchise (8 of which are active), which Real housewives more fans to see.

Die-hard fans of the franchise know the drill when it comes to reunions, confessionals, and cast travel. What may seem like a spontaneous and upbeat reality TV show is actually quite artificial. Contracts are made, interviews are held and promises are made to Andy Cohen. But these things are only known to die-hard fans rather than the average eye.

Housewives cannot sue other housewives

As real as the friendships in The real housewives franchise, there are times when every homemaker says or does something outrageous. When arguments are surrounded by slander and libel, the average fanatic may wonder why one housewife doesn’t sue the other, and that’s because legally they can’t.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Carole Radziwill (RHONY) said, “There were several reasons” why they cannot sue another housewife. “One is that we sign contracts, so we cannot sue each other. So you would have to break Bravo’s contract. A homemaker can sue another homemaker, but if she does, she is breaking a legal contract with Bravo that could have worse implications.

There’s a reason housewives always FaceTime

These days, people prefer texting over phone calls or FaceTime, but housewives don’t. During most phone conversations between housewives, they are done through FaceTime. The idea of ​​FaceTiming everyone all the time may keep certain fans up at night, but true fans know why.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, women are encouraged to use FaceTime because “producers want to hear both sides of a conversation.” Equally, Business Insider noted that housewives must accept that their conversations (both personal and private) are recorded on “hidden devices.”

The casting process

It is not a coincidence that new housewives, friends or guests are friendly with those on the main roster. In fact, some friends from the show deserve a spot in the main cast.

Bravo knows that the series works best when there is history within the group. Andy Cohen said Attitude, «The program works very well because everyone has a long history with each other. Therefore, it is not just about bringing people together in a Older brother home and see what happens «. Regarding the casting processes, Cohen told a fan that he is “in it” and that Bravo has a whole team in charge.

Bravo don’t pay for glam squads like they used to

Before having a “glam squad” was great, it was rumored that Bravo would pay for glamor for women when they needed it for events and meetings. But all that changed when Erika Jayne came on board. According to Cheat sheet, a Housewives superfan mentioned that Erika’s glamorous outfit bill was so high that Bravo is no longer paying for it. “Those arrangements are made with women’s money,” Brian Moylan said.

Although Erika Jayne’s outfits are iconic and her glamorous outfit does a great job, the idea of ​​shelling out $ 40,000 a month on stylists and artists was obscene.

Most slogans reflect the housewife season

Each Real housewives The introduction begins with the housewives and a short catchphrase. Slogans often revolve around your values, ideals, or personality. But true fans know that the taglines revolve more around the Housewife story for that particular season.

There are some quite iconic The real housewives slogans, and it is not an accident. Producer Doug Ross saying ME! News“In fact, we started discussing what the potential catchphrase might be for each of the various’ wives pretty much at the beginning of the season.” The women have two or three to choose from and then the producers choose the final winner.

The gastronomic scenes are highly planned

If you see housewives in a restaurant, it is most likely planned in detail. All Bravo movie restaurants must complete waivers in advance. All restaurants must give Bravo permission to appear. And because of this, the production shows up in restaurants with the women before the typical lunch or dinner hours.

Interestingly, when it is said that a housewife is late, Cheat sheet points out that the delay is written because each housewife is transported by Bravo. In short, all housewives know exactly where they should be because Bravo drives them.

Housewives don’t pay for the delivery trip (most of the time)

One of the best parts of each season is the cast trips. Some of the best The real housewives Holidays are those that involve late nights, disagreements, and a good time in general. But who pays for vacations?

According to an interview with OK! Magazine, Andy Cohen said that Bravo pays the bill. Cohen said, “There have been some that have been generated by us and others that have been generated by them. Women take vacation planning very seriously and it’s on a case-by-case basis, but we’ve paid for it. ‘ Yes.”

extensive interviews

Just because a person is friends with a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean they’re a safe bet for the series. According to Bustle, there is an extensive audition process that everyone must go through.

After a few interviews, the chosen few do on-camera interviews before going to the potential housewife’s house to get a better idea of ​​her home life. A Bravo executive said they filmed at Housewife’s home for various reasons. «What is a day in the life like for our best options? You already know [we] meet husbands, meet children, meet friends … Do you know what that life is like? “, said.

Bravo takes confessional appearances seriously

Aside from the get-togethers, the holidays, and the slogans, there’s another part of the show that viewers rave about: the confessional stares. A confessional is an individual interview where each housewife can talk about the scene shown. But more than his views, it’s his looks that fans can’t get enough of.

Every housewife is in full glamor, and according to one of the best OG, the Real Housewives of Orange Countys Vicki Gunvalson, «You get three looks [total]. But for three months, you have to wear the same outfit, the same hair, the same makeup. You can never cut your hair in half because you are supposed to look the same.

Some moments are staged

Although The real housewives It is a reality television, not all moments are realistic or as spontaneous as real life.

Alex McCord from The real housewives of New York said in an interview that producers will sometimes tell certain housewives to call other housewives if they know it may be dramatic or imperative to the success of the scene. Some of the best episodes were probably orchestrated by producers until the housewives take over and do what they do best.


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