Tuesday, August 16

The announcement of Play Has No Limits hides at least three games that have not been announced

PlayStation Showcase, a special broadcast dedicated to upcoming PlayStation releases, served to Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Remake, the announcement of Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine Insomniac, the first gameplay of God of War Ragnarok, new details of games already announced as Forspoken and the release date of Gran Turismo 7, among other details. The broadcast opened with a new spot of real image that still continues to speak: hints at at least three games that have not been announced.

The video includes many references to iconic sagas of PS4 and PS5, from the new God of War, Horizon Forbidden West O Uncharted. There are easter eggs very recognizable while others go more unnoticed and can only be found by analyzing each frame: for example, the symbol of Los Illuminados, the sect of Resident Evil 4. What does it look like there? It is supposedly a clue to the rumored remake that Capcom is preparing.

The mystery is not over because many players still discover symbols of unannounced titles, and that is that Sony’s challenge to find 34 easter eggs seala several “surprises” and it is recommended that we stay tuned for more information. They appear as painted on walls and at the moment no one recognizes which saga they belong to.

The games shown in the video

All 34 games shown, in order of appearance, are as follows. Did you get to see all of them?

1. Hogwarts Legacy
2. Fortnite
3. Unannounced game
4. God of War Ragnarok
5. Tekken
6. Unannounced game
7. Uncharted Legacy of Thieves
8. Returnal
9. Fall Guys
10. Dragon Quest
11. CoD Vanguard
12. Sonic
13. Gran Turismo 7
14. Temtem
15. FIFA 22
16. Ghostwrite Tokyo
17. Final Fantasy 16
18. Pac-Man
19. Rainbow Six Siege
20. Unannounced game
21. Alan Wake Remastered
22. Sly Cooper
23. Horizon Forbidden West
24. Tchia
25. FFVII Remake
26. Forspoken
27. Genshin Impact
28. Street Fighter
29. Crash Bandicoot
30. Deathloop
31. Yellow Rubber Duck (Astro Bot)
32. Resident Evil
33. Helldivers
34. Ace Combat 7


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