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TCG Factory News Arrives for December 2021

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Two new titles and several reprints are new to TCG Factory for December 2021. In addition to Squiggles and Shadow Dungeons and Spies, one of Unmatched’s weirdest matchups may also come this month; Red Riding Hood’s box against Beowulf.

What’s New in TCG Factory for December 2021

Spies in the Shadow

A family eurogame co-created by Matthew Dunstan y Brett J. Gilbert. Both authors have worked together on other titles such as Elysium, Raids or La Fabrica de Chocolate.

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Spies in the Shadows is a board game designed for 2 to 4 players, with a recommended age of 8 years and up, and with games of variable duration ranging from 20 to 40 minutes.

In the world of international espionage, effective ways to complete missions are just as important as improvisation and safe travel routes.

In Spies in the Shadows, players travel across Europe to accomplish their missions as quickly as possible. To complete the mission cards, players have to build a route between all the locations shown.

Although they are allowed to use their network to fulfill future missions, the network is limited in size and eventually to expand in one direction they will have to remove markers elsewhere, thus changing their network throughout the game to meet the requirements of each. mission. Whoever manages to complete seven missions first wins.

There has never been an easier way to become an international spy than with Spies in the Shadow. The right mix of planning and improvisation is the key to winning

TCG Factory to launch Shadow Spies on December 17

Doodles and Dungeons

A title created by Ulrich Blum, the author of Minecraft: Builders & Biomes, with art by Munchkin’s illustrator, John Kovalic. This is a board game designed for 2 to 4 players, with a recommended age starting at 10 years old, and with games of a variable duration ranging between 45 and 60 minutes.

Squiggles and Dungeons lets players experience things from the perspective of a dungeon architect and manager, designing traps and placing monsters in anticipation of an unfortunate visitor.

The game begins with players taking turns taking cards, which may contain traps, treasures, and monsters. They then use these cards as a blueprint for their dungeons.

Doodles and Dungeons Cover

When players have completed their dungeons, they are passed on to the adjacent player, who draws the path he thinks a hero will take through the maze. Players then reclaim their dungeons and, using the tools at their disposal, must prevent the invading hero from killing their monsters and taking their treasure.

When all the heroes have managed to leave the dungeons or have perished, the players will check their points and the one who has achieved the most will be the winner of Doodles and Dungeons.

TCG Factory will publish the game on December 17, at a price to be confirmed by the public.


Escape Tales Saga

In December, the Escape Tales saga returns to the market with the expected reprints in Spanish of the three titles:

Covers of the Escape Tales saga

Escape Tales The Awakening: Help Sam uncover the mystery surrounding the strange coma his daughter Lizzy is immersed in.

Escape Tales Without Memory: Enter an adventure in a cyberpunk environment that will allow you to live an exciting story divided into three chapters with three different protagonists.

Escape Tales Kindred of Wyrmwood: Join poor Gilbert as he evolves in a surprising story … with 60 different endings!

The Escape Tales saga will hit the market at the beginning or middle of the month, depending on the logistics situation, the publisher has indicated that as they arrive at their warehouses they will be released.

Unmatched: Cobble and Fog

Expansion is back for the game of Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, Chris Leder, originally published in our country last summer.

Unmatched Cobble and Fog is a self-playing expansion of the fighting board game. Designed for 2 to 4 players, this expansion brings us four new characters that can face each other, or against any other character in the unmatched system.

Portada de Unmatched Cobble and Fog

This time we will be able to use four new characters, The Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll, Sherlock Holmes and Dracula.

TCG Factory plans to reprint Unmatched Cobble and Fog arrive in mid-late December, although it could be delayed until January 2022

Unmatched Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf

Unmatched Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf stars the young girl from the fairy tale, who can remove objects from her basket or ask the Hunter for help, and the dragon slaying hero from the epic poem of the same name, accompanied by Wiglaf and capable of unleashing his fury.

The main difference with other titles of the game system is the battlefield. The confrontation takes place in Heorot, the royal hall of King Hrothgar, and introduces the rule of the gates.

Heorot has three door tokens. At the beginning of the game, place the door tiles on their open side.

Cover in Spanish of Unmatched Little Red Riding Hood against Beowulf

A fighter can open or close a door only as part of a maneuver action, but not as part of other movement effects. At any time during a maneuver action, a fighter can close an adjacent door for free, or spend 1 movement space to open an adjacent door.

You can open and close as many doors as you want with any of your fighters. You cannot close a door if a large combatant occupies the two spaces on either side of it.

When a door is closed, treat the lines across it as if they don’t exist. This blocks movement and attacks, removes adjacency, and breaks zones. Thus, two spaces that would normally be in the same zone are treated as if they were in different zones if there is a closed door on the shortest path between them.

The publisher intends to publish Unmatched Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf in December, although it does not yet have a specific date and various factors may cause the title to be delayed until January 2022

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